Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day BBQ

A few pictures from the Australia Day BBQ, it was quite sunny luckily there was a nice breeze to keep us cool in the shade.

Getting ready.. Josh is wondering what everyone is up to.

Australia Day BBQ



Australia Day BBQ (2)


Let’s eat!

Australia Day BBQ (4)


Chathu couldn’t stop laughing for no apparent reason..

Australia Day BBQ (5)


Josh and the twins.

Australia Day BBQ (7)


Couldn’t fit everyone into the bench at once.

Australia Day BBQ (8) Australia Day BBQ (9)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joshua and Rafael can play as much video games as they like

Sorry about the long break from posts. Just after Christmas, Rafael came down with the chicken pox which wasn’t so bad. He had a few spots for a couple of days and then it subsided.

The new year started with Imara getting it and that was bad, she’s just now fully recovered from it. So all in all it kept the father very busy.

So hopefully things are going to be a little easier on the poor dad, oh and we have Imara’s mum come down for a year.

Anyways back to the point. Over the holidays I bought an XBox 360, I did want a WII but they were too expensive and the XBox was on sale. Joshua is just two and too young to play with it but he likes us to put on the fish game for him.

Coming from a Sri Lankan background and never having played much video games I had been debating with myself and Imara too had her doubts on the kids playing video games but this informed article on Video Games has laid that to rest. Video games are good for the kids.

In fact I might start playing more games as well as reading more books whenever I do find the time.