Saturday, November 29, 2008

Breakfast with Joshua and Rafael

When it comes to feeding we face a different problem to what I know most of my parent friends face.

Here’s a clip I took at breakfast today.


surani said...

Ha ha ha...gosh I was laughing soooo much. Funny thing was Imara's mouth was moving too. You lucky things you..I still run around begging Nethmi to eat.

Will definitely add your blog to my favs.

Merill said...

That was actually Imara's breakfast he was having. He had already had his breakfast earlier!

Hareendra said...

machan, why do you bother feeding the 2 fellows? If Nethmi had a appetite like J and R, we would have just given her the bowl of food with a spoon, and let her eat on her own. We still do, but ultimately end up feeding cos (on most occassions) she wouldn't finish even half.

Merill said...

Macho, they already had their breakfast and we then sat down to have ours.

Even Joshua is the same when it comes to eating. He only eats half and then starts playing with the rest. We just take the plate away once he starts playing.