Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creativity and the education system

Having taught in a school myself, I’m wonderfully aware of how we kill creativity in children. Imara and I were talking yesterday about how creative and imaginative Joshua and Rafael are in making up their own games and keeping themselves entertained.

A cardboard box that we bought from the grocer has given them hours of imaginative play. It started out as a boat, transforms into a monster mask, prick a few holes and it’s a stage for a finger puppet show. I’m excited to see what it transforms into tomorrow.

Kitchen utensils (especially spoons) are even more fun. I was commenting to Imara that ones they go to school all this creativity will slowly get killed.

Today while browsing TED I came across the most popular presentation on the site where Ken Robinson confirms that view in Schools Kill Creativity.

It’s a sobering thought but I’m happy that we’re at least aware of it and we can do what's in our power to nurture it.

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