Monday, April 20, 2009

Shashee Driving

Shashee has given us many memorable driving moments. There was this one time where my car had a dent on one door and we were driving to a garage to get a quote. Madura, Ashan, Kavinda, Harsha and myself were in the car with Shashee driving.

Life just turned into slow motion for about two seconds or maybe it was a fraction of a second. We’re overtaking a speeding bus on the narrow Malabe road and right in front of us there is this big humongous truck hurtling towards us. I still can’t imaging to this day how Shashee managed to get us out of that tight hole.

Here’s one of his legendary parking abilities when we were at Matara for Bogoda’s wedding. Thusitha’s car is parked in front and in comes Shashee and parks with the two cars literally kissing each other.

Shashee Parking

Here are the pics of that Matara trip.

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